5 Tips for Using ATVs To Plow Snow

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Winter is inevitable, so whether you love it or not, snow is here with you; all you need is to find a way of clearing it up. With handy tips for using ATVs to plow snow, work will be more effortless.

ATVs will help you clear the snow from sidewalks and driveways quickly. The plowing exercise is more fun when you are well prepared; we are here to help you find the fun.

So, in this article, we will take you through tips for using ATVs to plow snow. You will learn everything from installing and starting plowing to cleaning the plow blades and the machine.

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5 Tips for Using ATVs to Plow Snow

1. Ensure Your ATVs Can Handle the Situation

Before plowing, check the ATV’s manual to ensure that it is vital to plow snow. ATVs perform best in removing snow on sidewalks, driveways, and even yards. However, the plow blades can sometimes have issues when plowing snow from uneven parking lots and city streets.

For instance, if you overload the ATV, you should expect trouble while plowing through snow. And the worst is that you may destroy the ATV, leading to bodily injury. So to be on the safer side is to ensure that the ATVs are powerful enough to handle the situation and don’t overload them.

2. Do Proper Vehicle Maintenance

A man with a snow shovel

Before plowing snow, you must ensure that your vehicle is in good condition. Check whether it has enough fuel and oil. And if you are using a liquid-cooled machine, you must check the coolant level.

Apart from that, you should also check the pressure of your tire and tread, and for a better grip, it is good to use the tire chains. And most importantly, ensure that the parts of the vehicles are debris free.

Here is a trick for smooth plowing: use oil to wipe down the plowing blade. It can be silicon spray or cooking oil. That way, you will prevent much snow from sticking to the plowing blade and even making it roll easily. 

After all, all you expect is the snow to roll freely off the plowing edges while moving it to whenever you want it to move.

3. Ensure that You Set the Depth

Typically, many plows have feet to adjust the blade’s depth to dig in. Also, setting the depth limits you from overloading your ATV and prevents you from destroying the surface underneath.

Due to that, you need to adjust the plow depth depending on your surface and snow depth. For example, if you have had a vast thaw, you need to set your depth high to ensure that you don’t dig into the non-frozen ground, ruining your driveway.

4. Choose the Best Plowing Angle and Follow the Contour

ATV in the snow

The proper plowing angle relies on the surface or driveway you want. Also, you should consider the amount of snow present and where you want to end the snow. And determining the angle makes plowing work more manageable and effortless.

By all means, try plowing the snow downhill. First, begin by plowing down to the middle while directing the blade angle off to where you want to shove.

After that, you can continue making the pass to the side. Since you are piling the snow up, it may get deeper. And because we don’t want to overload the machine, you need to pass with less part of the blade for a runs overlap.

5. Finalize by Cleaning Your ATV Before Storing

Work is well done, and it is time to store your ATV, but you should clean it for subsequent use. So ensure that you clean all snow and dirt from your plow blade and ATV after completing the exercise.

If you store the machine with snow, it will mess with it, especially when it freezes. Apart from that, the snow may make the metal rust.

And I recommend putting the plow down low to the ground when parking your machine. That way, it will add more life and serve you for ages.

Is Plowing Hard On an ATV?

A red snow shovel is stuck in the snow

Sometimes, plowing through deep or heavy snow can overload the ATV. And the least you expect when pressing is overloading your machine. Therefore, it is good to set the plowing angle to that one that can handle a small snow chunk at a time.

It is even better to make many passes until you clear the place other than overloading your machine and risking destroying it.

Wrapping Up

Riding your favorite ATV to plow snow from your driveway is much fun. However, knowing how to do it right comes with more fun. And using ATVs to plow snow makes the chore effortless, preventing your machine from damage.

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