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Whether it’s hunting, winching, or snow plowing, you need the best ATV tires to withstand the all-terrain conditions.

A great ATV will offer long hours of comfortable rides on various surfaces, like rocks, sand, gravel, and mud.

Even the greatest ATV in the world won’t perform as well as it should if it doesn’t have excellent tires.

The finest mud and trail ATV tires should tackle and overcome various off-road conditions, the surface for which they were created.

Summary: 7 Best ATV Tires


Tire Best for
Carlisle HD Trax Tire  Durability
Kenda Bearclaw Tire  Thick mud
Kanati Mongrel GBC Tire Grip and traction
ITP Cryptid Driving in deep muck
ITP Mud Lite II UTV/ATV Toughness
Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire Puncture-resistant
Maxxis 4-Snow Flexibility


1. Best for Durability: Carlisle HD Trax Tire 

This tire is a hard-trail and intermediate-trail tire. Hence it’s not the ideal choice for mud or sand activities, as seen by the tread pattern’s tight packing.

The large footprint also helps with swift stability, ideal for extended trips into the wilderness. It’s a mixed tread pattern with a self-cleaning capacity and rubbery material that resists chips, cuts, and abrasions.

And by everything, I mean comfort. Unlike some other hard-trail tires, extended stretches on really hard surfaces cannot harm your hands.

Lastly, another key feature of this tire is durability. 

2. Best for Thick Mud:  Kenda Bearclaw Tire 

Another all-rounder that operates on any surface is the Kenda Bearclaw. The tire can handle both hard-packed surfaces and mud.

The Bearclaw’s angled lugs with huge holes pay off whenever you encounter muck. It performs admirably in soft mud, where its traction is unrivaled.

The Kenda Bearclaw is more suited for thick mud than other tires in its class. The Bearclaw is also quite effective on other trail sections despite the big angled lugs.

It boasts enough straight-line stability and side-to-side grip for rapid driving on hard-packed ground. Thanks to the thoughtfully built center lugs, the tire is also extremely sensitive.

The Kenda Bearclaw is also highly handy in the winter because of its exceptional snow traction.

3. Best for Grip and Traction: Kanati Mongrel GBC Tire

Look no farther than the GBC Kanati Mongrel if you’re searching for aggressive ATV tires that function on various surfaces. This tire is made to function in various off-road conditions, and it performs admirably.

The Kanati Mongrel is not only meant that the tire is extremely durable, but it implies that you may use it at very low pressures without fear of harming it.

Excellent ruggedness is matched by excellent trail road performance. The tire is a trophy-bearer on hard-packed surfaces.

It has a high grip and traction, is incredibly sensitive, and allows for great high-speed chases.

4. Best ATV Tire for Driving in Deep Muck: ITP Cryptid

is the greatest ATV mud tire for driving through extremely deep mud. You’ll need a strong ATV to get the most out of this tire because it’s adept at digging through deep muck.

The tires may stress the engine and gearbox if your ATV isn’t robust enough and gets stuck in deep mud.

Still, we can’t think of a better tire for a strong ATV. In most conditions, including mud, the ITP Cryptid gives the rider unrivaled forward traction.

The grooved center lugs also channel mud and debris away from the tire, keeping it clean and ready for the next big puddle.

Finally, the Cryptid has a smooth ride and outstanding stability on the road.

5. Best for Toughness: ITP Mud Lite II UTV/ATV

If you’re unsure where you’ll be riding your ATV most in the future, this tire is your best choice. You’ll be satisfied with this tire.

You’ll notice that this tire gives an excellent response on hard-packed surfaces and excellent stability at higher speeds.

The Mud Lite II continues to shine on rough terrain, providing exceptional traction and toughness. 

Moreover, the angled and deep lugs are great for driving on wet trails and gravel, but they’re also great for mud.

6. Best Puncture-resistant ATV Tire: Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire

These tires are preferable for the rear wheels since they provide significantly more traction and grip, but they will not perform as front tires.

When they’re installed on the back wheels, though, you can anticipate superb performance all around.

Both hard-packed terrain and soft surfaces, such as mud, provide excellent traction. They may even be used on grass and will not rip it up like other mud tires.

You don’t need to stress about changing them soon since the tire is resistant to punctures and features a longer-lasting tread than most competitors.

7. Best for Flexibility: Maxxis 4-Snow

Maxxis is one of the most well-known ATV tire producers. Naturally, they are one of the few manufacturers that provide a genuine winter ATV tire, the Maxxis 4-Snow.

Unlike many ATV models, the 4-Snow is built with a soft tread compound that remains supple and flexible even when temperatures drop below freezing.

It is critical because soft rubber adheres better to all surfaces, boosting grip and traction. The tread was also engineered to be reversible by Maxxis.

The tire’s scoop side excels on packed and unpacked snow, while the backside provides grip on ice. The Maxxis 4-Snow may also be used on sand because of its unique design.

Despite the tire’s durable structure, the soft compound will wear faster throughout the summer months.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the list of tires above will help you choose the best ATV tires to provide years of reliable service and a safe ride.

To get the most out of your tires, you should always pick them based on your riding demands and style.

Lastly, make sure your choice of tires is installed by a professional and that the wheels are sturdy enough to withstand the enormous forces created when driving in difficult conditions.

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