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Are you looking for the best utility ATV? Whether you seek to purchase or loan your first or fifth ATV, purchasing one requires much consideration and research.


Each year, almost 230,000 ATVs are sold in North America. As a result, there are a variety of brands and models to pick from. These ATVs are also known as “quads.” 


Fortunately, we’ve already taken care of most of that job for you. We’ll show you the 8 top picks for ATV so that you can choose the best one for your taste.


Keep reading to find out more. 


Quick Glance: 8 Best Utility ATVs


Utility ATV Best for
1. Tao motor 250 ATV Quality
2. Veloz ATV-07 Value
3. Vitacci 125 Max ATV Overall
4. Roketa 48K ATV Comfortable
5. Apollo 200 Adult ATV Off-road
6. Tao Motor 200 ATV High-Speed
7. Apollo 125CC ATV Safe 
8. Vitacci 110 RXR Kids ATV Kids


1. Best Quality: Tao motor 250 ATV


TaoTao’s Rhino 250 utility ATV includes a 4-speed manual gearbox with reverse, an electric start engine, and molded utility racks. It is a large-capacity machine that provides exceptional value, functionality, and power.


The Rhino 250 has become popular for a variety of reasons. The vehicle’s high clearance, broad speed range and ease of handling are among them.


2. Best Value: Veloz ATV-07


The sports utility Mid-Size ATV is powered by a robust 4-stroke air-cooled engine. The ATV has an upgraded double A-arm front suspension, a stronger rear suspension, and a sturdy disk brake to protect your young riders.


Additionally, the ATV is equipped with a front bumper guard and front and rear racks, which come in handy when you need a place to store your goods.


3. Best Overall: Vitacci 125 Max ATV


Vitacci’s new Max 125 Chinese ATV is an excellent entry-level quad for youngsters interested in learning to ride. Thanks to an ultra-simple automatic gearbox and a tough, four-stroke 125cc engine that will withstand years of low maintenance while riding, the Max is a breeze to ride.


This quad has a single Coilover mono-shock in the back and a twin Coilover front suspension, providing more than four inches of ground clearance. This ATV provides incredible stopping power in all trail conditions with a rear hydraulic disc brake and aggressive off-road tires measuring 19 and 18 inches. 


Even as riders improve their skills, Max’s top speed of almost 30 miles per hour and rated weight of 166 pounds ensure that it will remain entertaining for years. Available in a variety of vibrant colors and two different paint choices.


4. Best Comfortable ATV:  Roketa 48K ATV


This ATV has various unique features, including a fully automated gearbox, a huge disc brake, and a twin A-Arm front suspension, contributing to a more comfortable and controllable ride. Bright head, tail, and brake lights are ideal for nighttime riding. 


But wait, there is more: The company is aware that the first concern of all parents is safety, so each of their ATVs is fitted with a complete complement of safety features from top to bottom and back to front. 


If required, you or the passenger may pull on the safety strap to bring the vehicle to a halt. 

The specifically designed footrest shields your child rider’s feet from the moving tires and the ground surface. The rear hydraulic disc brake adds additional braking power.


As with those massive ATVs, they are equipped with a front bumper that shields your vehicle from any damage or injury during a crash. You have complete control over the speed. 


5. Best Off-Road ATV: Apollo 200 Adult ATV


The Apollo Commander 200 is the ideal ATV for exploring the trails or tackling household chores. With a strong 174cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, this quad can tow up to 330 pounds and move up to 37 miles per hour. 


An automated Continuously Variable Transmission enables ultra-smooth acceleration without gear changes. It has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a coil-over-shock suspension that provides over 7 inches of ground clearance.


The ATV ensures effortless braking and superior handling in even the most difficult terrain. It includes front and rear utility racks and is available in various color combinations.


6. Best High-Speed ATV: Tao Motor 200 ATV


The Tao 200cc utility ATV is a powerful machine that can achieve over 40 miles per hour. It is an excellent vehicle for mudding and trail riding. 


The Tao Motor 200 is a fully automated machine with the added convenience of advancing neutral and reverse. It is designed with front and rear bracks and is ideal for hauling or transporting anything.


This ATV has LED lighting, a custom painted subframe, alloy wheels, a digital speedometer, an hour meter, wider foot housings for increased comfort, and superior 15′ shocks.


7. Best Safe ATV: Apollo 125CC ATV.


The Apollo ATV is equipped with a dependable 125cc overhead cam four-stroke engine and an automated gearbox with reverse. With a towering 37-inch seat height, more than 3-inch ground clearance, and large 19-inch front and 18-inch back tires, the ATV is an off-road beast. 


Front drum and rear disc brakes are standard, as are front and rear utility racks, coil-over shocks, a steel front bumper, and an electronic start. Numerous hues, as well as color-coordinated frames, are available.


8. Best for Kids: Vitacci 110 RXR Kids ATV


A super-simple automatic gearbox is combined with a low-maintenance 110cc class engine to create an easy-to-ride four-wheeler that will withstand everyday use. With a dependable electronic starter using CDI ignition, there’s no need to worry about starting the RXR. 


With a wide, stable 33-inch wheelbase and parental speed limitation, the RXR is designed for safe pleasure. Rugged, off-road tires and hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear provide excellent grip in ruts and rough terrain. It is available in a variety of fantastic two-tone color combinations.


Final Thoughts


With so many fantastic 4×4 ATVs available, it might not be easy to choose. However, as long as you choose the appropriate category for your requirements, there is no way to go wrong with any ATVs on this article’s list.

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