9 Best ATVs for the Money (For a Breathtaking Off-Road Ride)

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ATVs are fun to ride, and most manufacturers work hard to deliver the best product to their customers.


I love that the modern ATVs come in different shapes and colors and vary in their shade of excellence, not forgetting that they have different purposes.


These vehicles are good for farm work and chores, and you can embark on your hunting journey with them.


Four-wheeled ATVs are the best for improved stability, and even kids and starters can ride them comfortably.


Here are some of the best ATVs worth investing in. keep reading.


Quick Glance: Best ATV for the Money


ATV Best For 
Apollo 200 Commander Adults 
Roketa 48k ATV Beginners 
Vitacci Pentora ATV, Farm errands 
Tao Motor ATV Camping 
Veloz ATV Kids 
Apollo Blazer 9 ATV Intermediate riders
Roketa 34l125cc ATV Luggage
Apollo Commander 125 DLX Training 
Vitacci Cougar Sport 200 ATV Expert riders


Best ATV for the Money: Our Top 9 Choices

1. Best for Adults: Apollo 200 Commander

Apollo put so much effort into producing this amazing ATV that works efficiently in hitting trails and completing chores around your house.


Its powerful four-stroke air-cooled engine gives it great strength and can speed up to 37mph, and it can carry loads weighing up to 330lbs.


Additionally, the ATV has a continuous variable transmission for smooth acceleration, and you won’t mess up with it while changing gears.


It can tackle rough terrain with the 200cc four-wheel that allows perfect handling and smooth braking.


2. Best for Beginners: Roketa 48k ATV,

The electric ATV from Roketa, is the best choice for beginners. It weighs about 200lbs, and its measurements are 60 by 37 by 36 inches.


Its engine is a four-stroke air-cooled one that allows smooth movement, and it can go up to a speed of 40mph.


The drum braking system on the front wheels allows for easy friction and stopping, while disc one on the back wheels for easier deceleration.


It has a capacitor-charged ignition (CDI)which is the best for speeding ATVs by helping them overcome long charging times.


3. Best for Farm Errands: Vitacci Pentora ATV

The Vitacci Pentora is worth investing your money in since it comes at an unbeatable price, and the mechanics in the company ensure it’s well assembled.


The medium size makes it comfortable for beginners and older kids advancing into a bigger ATV.


It has a net weight of 316lbs, and you add loads of up to 265lbs, not forgetting that it has a turning angle of fewer than 45 degrees to lower skidding chances.


Its engine is an automatic one with reverse, plus it’s a four-stroke engine with an air cooler for efficiency.


4. Best for Camping: Tao Motor ATV

If you plan to visit a campsite, having a Tao motor ATV will be the best idea when you value your safety.


I love that it’s effortless to operate this ATV, and you feel anxious sharing it with your kids that have less experience with ATVs.


Aggressive riders won’t find this one appropriate; it doesn’t take high speed and works for leisure cruising with speeds less than 35mph.


It’s easier for parents to monitor their teen’s speed with this ATV since it has an LCD screen that shows the rider’s speed.


5. Best for Kids: Veloz ATV

Your kids are safe with this ATV from Veloz. It has a double A-arm suspension and a sturdy rear suspension.


The drum brakes on the front wheels and the disc brakes on the back are durable, ensuring the safety of young riders.


The remote control helps you control your kid at 30 feet away if you need to stop them. Plus, the speed governor allows you to regulate the speed.


It comes with a front bumper protector and some rear racks if you need a place to put your gears.


6. Best for Intermediate Riders: Apollo Blazer 9 ATV

Young expert riders will love this ATV with an automatic transmission and an electric start.


The stopping power in this vehicle is exceptional through the front drum and rear disc brakes at the 19- and 18-inches wheels, respectively.


Don’t worry about approaching tough spots; the steel frame and the coil-over-shock suspension over incredible handling.


It has a utility rack and steel front bumper, not forgetting about the remote control that helps control riders from a distance.


7. Best for Luggage: Roketa 34l125cc ATV

The ATV is another great design from Roketa that delivers excellent power and speed for an intermediate rider.


There’s a throttle regulator at the four-stroke air-cooled engine that provides total control on speed and lowers it to 10mph, and it can go up to 40mph.


The Lanyard Safety Cutoff ensures that the engine doesn’t function when it separates from the quad, while the brake enhances the stopping ability.


8. Best for Training: Apollo Commander 125 DLX

The Commander is one of the top performers off the road with large 18- and 19-inches chrome wheels.


The front drum and rear disc brakes in this ATV enhance the stopping ability in case of an emergency and whenever you reach your destination.


It has utility racks and bumpers that help add other ATVs essential, not forgetting that you have several colors of this ATV that you can choose from.


9. Best for Expert Riders: Vitacci Cougar Sport 200 ATV

Aggressive riders will find this powerful ATV comfortable for them, plus it’s the perfect size for bigger riders.


If you plan to participate in racing, take the quad for your training and racing, and you will love the results.


The best part is that this ATV requires low maintenance plus the durable steel material makes it great for off the road.


The 21- and 20-inch wheels survive the toughest terrain, and the drum and hydraulic disc brakes make stopping effortless.


Final Thoughts

With the above review, you know what to look for in an ATV; you need to decide which will work best. If you plan to share yours with other family members, you need to consider their preferences; it’s good to purchase an ATV with a speed governor for your kids to ensure safety.


ATVs with utility racks and front bumpers will help if you plan to carry some luggage for your ranch or farm. All the best in your purchase.

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