6 Tips for Using and Maintaining an Electric ATV

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Electric ATVs are rapidly gaining popularity and fans worldwide. They offer an eco-friendly way of tearing up trails without compromising performance.

Maintaining your ATV will keep it performing highly for a long time. An electric ATV battery only needs monthly maintenance to remain in top form.

Ensuring the battery is fully charged, keeping the battery clean, checking the tires, and storing your battery are some tips for using and maintaining an electric ATV.

Below, we take a deeper look into the maintenance tips and how they make using your ATV easier.

Tips for Effective Use and Maintenance of an Electric ATV

1. Ensure your Battery Is Fully Charged

Can you imagine thinking that you have properly plugged in your electric ATV only to return and find that the battery is still low?

Before you “leave your ATV charging”, ensure the charging lights are flashing to signal that the battery is charging.

If your battery is not receiving a charge, it could be due to overheating. In case of that, you will need to increase the airflow by opening the ATV’s hood and resetting the charger.

If overheating is not the issue, try testing the charger at a different outlet to establish the problem.

Never leave your ATV battery without charge when not in use. Allowing so could have an overall negative impact.

2. Keep a Close Eye on the Battery Level

On those scenic trails or off-road adventures, the ATV’s battery running low can be a bad experience. With the fun and excitement understandably high, it is easy to lose track of time and needs to realize when the battery levels are very low.

The same way you’d monitor the gas levels of a fuel-powered ATV is the same way you should your electric ATV’s battery level.

Electric ATVs are fitted with a meter indicating whether the battery is fully charged, charging, or running low. Be sure a charger is near you to avoid being stranded in no man’s land.

3. Regularly Inspect and Maintain Tires

Quad Bike on the Beach

ATV tires see some tough terrain, where picking up cuts of grasses and thorns is normal.

A thorough inspection is, therefore, crucial to analyze the state of the tire and determine what step to take.

If your tire is extremely worn out, you must replace it. The front and rear ATV tires are different, so you cannot rotate them.

You also want to check the tire pressure when it’s cold with a gauge that measures low-pressure readings.

The standard vehicle tire gauge measures the pressure averages in the 30s and 40s, so it probably won’t work because ATV tires only use about 6 pounds of pressure, depending on the specific use.

One of the tires being lower than another by just two or three pounds is enough to cause a big pull to one side that you don’t want when riding.

4. Keep the ATV Clean

Cleaning your ATV battery is a part of maintaining it. You may observe I gunk accumulating on your battery’s terminal if you neglect this.

The gunk build-up harms your ATV’s performance and may, in some cases, cause serious damage to the battery or destroy it. Additionally, corroded or blocked terminals reduce the battery’s lifespan.

First, remove the lead fixed to the terminals if you want to clean the ATV’s battery. Afterward, you can remove the corrosion and gunk using a brush. You can also opt for a high-quality terminal protective solution.

5. Storing your ATV

A blue ATV is standing next to a house

If your ATV is used infrequently or needs to be stored, you must ensure it is stored safely.

You will need to disconnect the battery cable to prevent drain. You will also need to charge the battery every fourteen days.

If you want to store your ATV battery for an extended period, you must remove it and charge it fully. 

Keeping the battery at temperatures below 60°F will require you to charge it monthly while storing it in a room above 60°F will require you to charge it every fourteen days. When storing your battery, ensure it is out of reach of children.

6. Temperature

ATV batteries like neither heat nor cold. High temperatures are tough on batteries and make them lose their charge faster.

Cold temperatures cause slow electrochemical reactions, making a low-power battery. Adding in the fact that cold oil makes the engine harder to spin could mean your ATV might fail to start. Keep your quad in a cool place that is neither too hot nor too cold.

Final Thoughts

Like engines in other motorsports, the battery in an electric ATV is the heart of the bike. If you want to enjoy the ride for a long time, you will need to put in some effort to maintain the ATV.

The article above has six tips for using and maintaining an electric ATV. They were listed after diligently researching and reviewing the vehicle. Be sure to follow the tips, and hopefully, it works!

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