10 Tips for Preventing ATV Theft

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ATV theft is becoming more common because it is light and high value, making it easy to steal. The thief can quickly load your ATV at the back of the car and disappear. That’s why you need the appropriate tips for preventing ATV theft.

Unlike cars that are easy to track after being stolen, ATVs are hard to track because they are off-road vehicles and don’t necessarily require registration. However, there is something you can do to prevent your ATV theft.

Below are ten tips to prevent ATV theft. Let’s check them out!

10 Tips for Preventing ATV Theft 

1. Lock Your ATV in a Garage or Shed

Keeping your ATV safe and secure is very important. It will only require a little effort and no cost at all. For instance, locking your ATV in a garage or shed does not cost you anything. Besides, no potential thief will know there is an ATV inside your garage.

However, ensure the door to your garage is sturdy so that no one can easily access it, and it also has a good-quality padlock. 

2. Remove Your ATV Keys When Not in Use

An ATV in Front of the House

Removing your ATV keys is the most effective precaution you can adopt. When you leave your ATV keys in, a potential thief can quickly start the engine and drive away. Make it a habit not to leave keys when your vehicle is unattended. 

3. Invest in a GPS Tracking System

One of the best ways to secure your ATV vehicle is by investing in a GPS tracking system. The GPS tracking system will not only help track your stolen ATV but also help track you in case you get lost or something wrong happens.

The GPS tracking system consists of a tiny box you can attach in a hidden place on your vehicle where no one can see. So, when your car gets stolen, it will send coordinates of its exact location on your phone to help track it.

4. Use Your ATV’s Steering Lock If it Has One

Most ATV vehicles have a steering lock that locks wheels while completely turned to either side. This will make it difficult for a potential thief to move the wheels.

5. Install Security Cameras

A White and Black CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras have become cheap nowadays, so installing one in the area where you store your ATV vehicle is worth installing. Security cameras might scare away someone trying to steal your vehicle.

However, in case your vehicle gets stolen, you may present the video to the police for further investigation to identify the thief.

6. Block Your ATV With a Larger Vehicle

Another easy way to prevent ATV theft is placing it between two large vehicles. This will prevent it from moving forward or backward, and since it’s not easy to lift it either, it is hard to get stolen since the only way is to drive it off. This method can work best if your garage or shed. 

7. Put an Alarm Padlock on the Disc Brakes

Does your ATV vehicle have fitted ventilated disc brakes? If so, get a high-quality steel padlock, preferably with an alarm, and lock it in the brake disc holes. This will prevent your ATV’s wheels from turning. 

However, ensure the padlock has a lock reminder cable from the lock to the handlebar to remind you there is a lock. If you forget and take off with the lock still on, this might ruin your disc brake. This method is great if you park your vehicle outdoors.

8. Get a Guard Dog

Black and Brown Short Coat Dog Lying on the Ground

Getting a Guard dog is a great way to scare away potential thieves. Please keep it in a location where you keep your vehicle so it alerts you on someone trying to steal your ATV vehicle.

9. Remove the Valve Stems

Deflate two of your tires by removing the valve stems, which will make it difficult to drive off the ATV. However, this is a good option if you are planning to store your vehicle for a long time, as it can be tiresome to inflate your tires every day you want to go out riding.

However, ensure the compressor is stored away from the ATV as the thief might use it to inflate the tires and later drive away.

10. Get Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are good security tools you can install in your garage or in a place where you park your ATV vehicle. The anchors are either concreted or bolted on the floor and have a connection for a padlock or chain.

Final Thoughts

The above ten tips for preventing ATV theft are easy to use and apply, so if you use them carefully, no one will succeed in stealing your ATV vehicle. Also, ensure your vehicle is in a place that is not easily accessible to lessen the chances of theft.

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