Is it Legal to Ride an ATV in Your Yard?

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Riding an ATV in your yard is perfectly legal if you don’t disturb your neighbors. As long as you don’t violate the law by riding on the sidewalk or highway, you’re good to go. In some instances, though, the use of an OHV on private property may be unavoidable, and neighbors have the right to file complaints with local law enforcement. Setting ground rules for riding an ATV can ensure everyone stays happy.

Where Should You Never Ride an ATV?

While riding an ATV on private property is legal, there are a few restrictions you must follow. These include not operating the ATV on public property, riding on the sidewalk, and not towing a trailer or person within 100 feet. Additionally, riding an ATV on private property requires that you wear a USDOT-approved helmet and other protective clothing. In addition, you cannot operate an ATV within 100 feet of a dwelling or tree nursery.

Always check the weather. Even if the weather is good, the weather on the mountain can change quickly. If you plan on riding in the rain, make sure to find shelter before heading out. ATVs are not designed for two riders, so you may have a hard time controlling the vehicle and risk tipping it over. You may also end up injuring a passenger, which could make you liable for any injuries that happen.

Why ATVs are Not Street Legal?

ATVs are often prohibited on public roads, but some states have rules allowing them. Utah, for instance, allows you to drive an ATV on its own street or highway. In West Virginia, side-by-sides and ATVs are legal on state roads, but they must meet certain requirements. Street legal ATVs should have windshields, horns, mirrors, and seat belts. The full faith and credit clause does not always apply to ATVs.

Another reason that ATVs are not street legal is that they lack safety features. In comparison, four-wheel vehicles must have airbags and seatbelts, and motorcycle and bicycle riders are required to wear a helmet. Also, ATVs are not equipped with crash protection systems, headlights, and other vehicle safety features. But if you comply with local laws, you can still ride your ATV without fear of breaking the law.

Why should ATVs never be ridden on a highway?

The first thing to understand is that ATVs and ROVs are not designed for driving on paved roads. As a result, they are dangerous and unwieldy on paved surfaces. The risks of tipping over or collision are much higher. That’s why the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends against riding an ATV on a paved surface, even if you’re only riding a small one.

In addition to avoiding highways, ATVs and UTVs must be used on designated routes and roads. While on public roads, ATVs should always ride on the far right-hand side and should have taillights and a headlight. Parents should never allow their children to operate an ATV on a highway, no matter how close they are to OHV trails. If they do, they should be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

Is there a mower attachment for an ATV?

When choosing a lawn mower attachment, consider the size of your ATV. Larger lawn mower attachments will make more noise, have more vibration, and use more fuel. Size is largely based on the size of your engine. A smaller engine means a smaller ATV. A larger engine means a larger ATV. Lightweight attachments can fit on most sizes of ATVs, but larger mowers require a larger machine.

Most ATVs come with a grass-cutting kit. Different models have different attachments to suit various mowing needs. Some can cut grass, while others are designed for trail-making. Some can even be lifted for better maneuverability. However, be prepared to pay more for an ATV mower that does not perform the same duties as a lawnmower. This may not be your best choice if you live in a harsh environment.

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