How to Sell an ATV (A Step-By-Step Guide for 2022)

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Is it time to sell your ATV? Whether it’s to make room for a new vehicle, cash out, or move on, selling an ATV could be stressful. We’re here to make it easy for you to sell your ATV by providing a step-by-step guide to assist you in having complete control over the pricing and selling transactions of your four-wheeler.


Let’s dive into it.


How to Sell an ATV: 8 Proven Steps

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1. Checking Market Prices


You must determine if the moment is suitable to sell. Circumstances may force you to sell, but investigate the market to see whether now is a suitable time to sell. 


Make your move if the market is reasonably strong and you will not lose a lot of money on the transaction. Selling prices are skyrocketing, more than they’ve ever been. 


However, what about the middle of winter in the Northeast? It may not be the best moment to sell your sports quad if you can keep it a bit longer.


2. Maintaining the Vehicle

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If you want to sell the automobile for the highest possible price, you must spend time and effort. Reassemble anything that has been dismantled. Take care of any delayed maintenance. 


The few dollars spent on an oil change will return benefits if a customer inspects the fluids and discovers they are less than optimal. 


Additionally, check that the tires are properly inflated and install a good quality air filter. A little maintenance goes a long way toward increasing your vehicle’s attention from potential buyers.


3. Cleaning the Vehicle

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Is it clean? If not, thoroughly clean and detail it. A customer is more likely to watch the advertisement and pay more money if the item seems to be in excellent shape and has not been excessively pounded on. 


Note: Make sure your machine is clean. Dirty mechanicals, plastics, and wheels may all serve as repellents, implying that the ATV was used excessively and was not maintained regularly. You want it to seem like something you would believe to be in excellent shape and would consider purchasing.


4. Picture Taking

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Now is the moment to shoot a picture for your advert. Properly stage the vehicle by eliminating everything that can distract or dissuade a potential buyer. While the bevy of disorganized household objects in your garage may serve as the machine’s normal background, it also mirrors the state of chaos in which the ATV may find itself. 


Believe it or not: It is excellent to shoot photographs with nothing else in them other than the ATV.


5. Writing the Advert

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The most critical step is creating the listing. Write it the way you would like to read and discover in a for-sale advert. Indicate the manufacturer, model, and year. 


Include all information about your car ownership, such as the length of time you’ve owned it, the registration status, and whether or not you have service records. 


Indicate the distance traveled, the number of hours spent, and so on. Assess the condition objectively, both visually and mechanically. 


Describe any changes and replacements that have been made or required. 


Listen: it’s your time to showcase your machine and justify why it is more valuable than a similar device for sale elsewhere.


But that’s not all: Avoid explaining why you are selling the vehicle but if you do, exercising caution is crucial. Also, avoid informing a potential buyer that you’re selling the vehicle to upgrade to something much more costly. 


Note: You should indicate in this section that although the car in issue is an incredible piece of equipment, it is no longer useful to you.


6. Indicating the Price


Price is the last major point in the ad. What are your asking prices for the vehicle? If you want to indicate that your pricing is flexible, you may use the phrase “or best offer” (OBO). 


Indicate the method of payment you accept, including personal check, cash, or trade offers. Additionally, provide your approximate but not specific location and whether you are prepared to travel to sell the car.


7. Publishing 

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Finally, publish the advert on your preferred website. Craigslist is the traditional go-to, but most people now resort to Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, there are several makes and model-specific clubs where you may post your car for optimum exposure. 


Forums remain a viable option for certain purchasers, and we can’t help but include Nextdoor, eBay, OfferUp, and your local newspaper.


Once your advert is online, be prepared to receive buyer inquiries. Some will be beneficial, while others may be bad. Put on your negotiator’s pants and prepare to close a deal. 


Where you meet is an important consideration, and it is quite okay if you are uncomfortable having the buyer come to your house. It is always a safe bet to meet at the parking lot of the local police department.


8. Meeting Preparation


Prepare your documentation in advance of the meeting. It’s the least enjoyable component, but it’s critical. Prepare or download a bill of sale in advance of the meeting and complete it to the best of your abilities. 


Make copies of whatever you think you may need or desire for your records. Verify the status of the title. Additionally, ensure that the buyer writes their name on the documents while concluding the transaction. 


After the ATV has been sold, you do not wish to be held legally liable. Additionally, be certain that you do not give over the keys or title until the funds have been paid. Once all systems are operational, do the swap and call it a day.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Register an ATV Without a Title in NY?


You must first complete and submit a “Vehicle Registration (MV-82) to a motor vehicle licensing office. To register an ATV, you must present evidence of ownership, proof of payment or exemption from sales tax, proof of your identification, and your date of birth.


What Is ATV?


An ATV is described as any motorized off-road vehicle that is 50 inches or less in width, weighs less than 1200 pounds, travels on three or more off-road tires, and is either intended for one operator or is specifically designed for the operator and one passenger by the manufacturer.


Final Word


It is now time to let go. There is always another vehicle to enjoy. Sell the machine and go on to the next phase of life, whatever shape it may take you.

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