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ATVs are owned by about 1.2 million individuals in the United States. That means you can also own it. However, the big question is, how much is an ATV?

The cost of a new ATV varies depending on the model, engine size, and sophisticated features. When purchasing second-hand machinery, you must also consider age, mileage, and overall condition.

Over the last few years, the ATV business has exploded. Thanks to their more powerful engines and innovations, the new ATVs are quite appealing.

This post will guide us on various price ranges of ATVs and other extra costs that come with them. Also, you’ll get to know what impacts the price of ATVs.

So keep reading.

How Much Does it Cost to Own an ATV?

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If you want to buy a mini-ATV for your child, it will most likely cost less than $3,000. However, if you want a 450CC ATV, expect to pay between $6,000 and $8,000. 


700CC and over are available for those searching for a powerful ATV and may cost upwards of $8,000.


Besides, there are other charges you’ll have to incur when purchasing.


Before you start riding your ATV, you must have insurance, and it is estimated to be $250 each year.


Depending on how many trails you ride, plan to spend between $50 and $100 on each trail (per year).

Service and Maintenance

A new bike should last several years before purchasing any replacement parts. However, keeping up with the recommended servicing plan is critical to avoid the warranty. 


You should be aware that most manufacturers require you to have the service performed by a registered dealer.


 A comprehensive service should cost between $50 and $200 in components.

Charges for ATV Gears

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Unlike buying a vehicle, you’ll need to think about some gear before hitting the trails when you buy an ATV. 

Helmets Range in Price from $100 to $200

 Invest in a high-quality helmet to keep yourself safe. Accidents may happen, and head and neck injuries account for 27% of ATV injuries.

Protective Apparel Costs Between $100 and $800 

Buy a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves, ankle-high boots, and chest protection are required.

Goggles Range in Price from $20 to $200 

They’ll protect your eyes from flying pebbles, dust, and branches and assist you to see when out on a muddy or dusty route.

Basic Toolkit is About $40

Get a Swiss Army knife, wrenches, duct tape, tire plugs, and a vise grip are all essential equipment to have on hand. Plastic zip ties, which can be useful in a pinch, are recommended by more experienced riders.

Winch Ranges Between $100 and $200

A winch can help you or your riding companion get out of a tight position without asking for assistance.

First-Aid Kit ($10-$50) 

You can address any scrapes or injuries with bandages, gauze, and antibiotic ointment until you visit a doctor.

What Effect Do Engine Size and Horsepower Have on the Price?

The engine size is one of the most important aspects in determining how much an ATV costs.


Youth ATVs normally have engines ranging from 50cc to 250cc, while sports and utility ATVs range from 350cc to 1000cc.


Avoiding the models with the most powerful engines is a fantastic method to save money. Engines ranging from 500cc to 850cc will suffice for most uses and riding circumstances.


These machines will usually provide you with the most value for your money. Most riders will seldom get the opportunity to use the extra power of the most powerful ATVs.

What are the Most Expensive ATVs?

Quad Atv Motocross Motorcycle Off-Road Vehicle


ATVs for sports and utility are sometimes priced similarly. The size of the engine decides how much these machines cost. More sophisticated suspension is available on some sports ATVs. These are usually more expensive than their utility ATVs.


The ATVs designed specifically for racing are an exception. These machines are often more expensive than utility machines with equivalent engine capacities.


The cost of a 6×6 ATV is often more than that of a 4×4. They feature a more sophisticated suspension, an additional axle, and a cargo bed. 


Furthermore, the market for 6×6 motorcycles is significantly smaller, which is likely to impact the price.


Manufacturers in the adolescent ATV market offer cheaper options but keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for.


On paper, they may appear to be fairly comparable. Still, after witnessing how quickly some of the less expensive versions wear out or fail, you can only conclude that it is money well spent to invest in a professional machine from the start.


Suppose you buy a youth ATV from a good manufacturer and maintain it properly. In that case, you can expect it to be used by several children for several years before it wears out. 


They also ride significantly better, making them more fun for the young ones.

The Price of a Used ATV

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To save on the greater cost of an ATV, first-time buyers may frequently go for a second-hand model. If you’re unsure how much usage it will receive or which model would fit you best, a used ATV is perfect, considering the lower cost.


Additional characteristics like mileage, age, and general condition are considered when determining the price of a used ATV. 


You’ll need to do your research before buying, and don’t forget to haggle, as with any used vehicle.


Used ATVs may be found for as little as $3,000, with an average price of $5,500. You may save $1,500 compared to the average cost of a new ATV model, which is $7,000.



To sum up, owning an ATV is not that expensive. They have a wide range of prices that accommodate anyone with low financial muscle. So, if you are an ATV enthusiast, save your little cash and get the kind of ATV you can afford.

Not to forget, you can get them an ATV for those who have kids because its quite affordable.

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