How Fast Can an ATV Go? (For a Swift Ride)

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Every ATV rider wonders, “How fast can an ATV go?” Even though you won’t be riding at maximum speeds all the time, you can’t resist the curiosity to know how fast it can go. And that’s OK.


ATV speed is fascinating. Extreme speed is a source of pride, and it provides an adrenaline rush whether you’re riding it for fun on the weekend or engaging in a competition. 


This post will help you understand ATV speed based on its engine size. How to improve your ATV speed, and factors limiting the speed of your ATV.


Come with me!

What is the Top Speed of the Fastest ATVs?

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The top speed of an ATV clicks the speed of 80mph. However, the ATV top speed record is held by a Yamaha 700 Raptor, timed at 196 mph by the Guinness Book of World Records.


Even though there’s no way you’ll be able to go that quick on your ATV, it’s still impressive to know that you’ve accomplished the incredible achievement.


Besides, ATVs aren’t always built for speed. At slower speeds, it is quite powerful for various applications. That isn’t to say that speed isn’t an option.


ATV top speeds vary according to engine size, setup, and other factors. Let’s dive in to know more. 

Comparing the Top Speeds of Different ATV Engines

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Your ATV’s main speed constraint is the size of its engine. Smaller engines move more slowly, whereas larger engines move quicker. 


As you can see, every truck has a speed limitation that artificially restricts the peak speed of your ATV.

30 MPH with a 110cc engine

The 110cc ATVs are intended for children. They’re designed for children aged ten and up. The engine is capable of greater speeds, but the ECU prevents it from exceeding 30. 


Their top speed is reduced to 30 miles per hour. That is meant for the safety of the children.

55 MPH with a 450cc engine

Most 450cc engines have a peak speed of roughly 55 miles per hour. For a little engine like this, that’s pretty quick. 

65 MPH with a 570cc engine

Over the 450, a 570cc engine adds 10 MPH. If you’re searching for some great ATV speed, this is the way to go.


75 MPH 650–850cc

We’re entering the blisteringly quick territory. These engines frequently exceed the 75 MPH limit set by the onboard ATV speed limiter. You’ll achieve speeds of 50 MPH on trails with a top speed.


This ATV can produce a lot of energy because of its 700cc displacement at least until you reach 75 mph and hit the built-in rev limitation. If you’re looking for speed, this quad will deliver.

80 MPH with a 1000cc engine

A quad with a 1000cc engine will give you the quickest ATV top speed. At 80 miles per hour, a 1000cc ATV is the only way to go fast.


They take off quickly and reach high flying speeds in no time. This type of acceleration and speed makes for some thrilling trail rides and provides the maximum adrenaline rush.

Can an ATV’s speed be limited?

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A variety of circumstances might restrict an ATV’s speed. Some of them are easy to regulate, while others are not. These are the ATV speed limiters to keep an eye out for if you want to slow down for a more relaxing ride or not.

Total Weight

Weight is the single most important issue that might unwittingly slow you down. Everything on your ATV will slow you down, from your bumper to your bag.


Take a peek at what you’ll bring on your trip. We strap a cooler containing beverages, lunch, and snacks to our backs. We often carry tools and minor replacement components in backpacks.


When you add in thick coats, boots, and trousers (not to mention a couple of pounds of our winter weight), our ATV speed drops dramatically.

Aftermarket Components

It’s fun and useful to add stronger bumpers, mirrors, and protection to your vehicle. However, it may also add weight.


The majority of aftermarket bumpers are heavy-duty and simply plain hefty. They’ll keep your ATV in one piece, but they’ll slow you down.


You’ll slow down even more if you go any farther and install a large lift kit or a windshield.

Large tires

The effect of larger tires on top speed is odd. A wider diameter tire will operate as a high gear kit if no other alterations are made.


A bigger tire will theoretically improve your ATV’s peak speed. However, any potential speed improvement will be outweighed by the increase in spinning mass and decrease in torque.


Big tires will slow you down without a gear reduction and negatively influence acceleration.

Reduction of gears

A gear reduction allows you to slow down your machine while also converting part of the engine’s power into torque.


Gear reductions are often installed in your gearbox (or are included in GDP Portal Gear Lifts) to increase torque and power. They also reduce your peak speed by a small percentage. 


If you wish to slow down your ride, your ATV’s peak speed may be reduced by 10–15 percent, depending on your gear reduction.


How to Boost Your ATV’s Top Speed

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Increasing the peak speed of your ATV is a little more difficult, but there are a few tried and proven solutions.

Lower the Weight

Losing weight may speed you up in the same way that gaining weight slows you down. If you want to push your ATV to its limits, keep the cooler at the house and carry a minimal.


Still, keep in mind the mass of your bumpers and tires while making changes. If you can keep your overall weight at or below stock, you’ll be flying.


Invest in a High Gear Kit

Lastly, a gear reduction is the polar opposite of a high gear kit. Instead of increasing torque, it decreases torque while increasing speed.


It’s a terrific technique to boost your peak ATV speed, making your machine more weight sensitive. To burn rubber with a high gear set, you need to keep it light.


With a high gear set, larger tires are also out. You’d essentially have two high gear sets working together to reduce torque to the point that you’d only be able to reach peak speed on a salt flat though it isn’t ideal.

Purchase Clutch Kit and an ECU Tune

A clutch kit is an excellent method to get more power out of your ATV’s engine.


Clutch kits are created to improve your RPM curve to obtain the most horsepower for as long as necessary while reducing the throttle.


 A good clutch kit can help you accelerate faster and go faster.


You’ll have the quickest ATV possible with a properly designed acceleration curve.


Your ATV speed is within your control if you need to make major or minor adjustments. Get your ATV tuned up, ride it, and see how fast it can go.


If you look at some of the peak speeds on some of the quickest ATV models, you’ll discover that they’re easily capable of reaching the 60s, 70s, and even low 80s. So, ATVs are not meant for top speeds.

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